​​​Dear Past, Present & Future Customers:

   We made it through the shelter-in-place mandate for Illinois due to COVID.  Thank you to all of you who supported us while we were closed- it is because of you that we can open strong on June 8th.  In the beginning, we are re-opening with a few staff and only one quarter of our normal classes with small classes running morning through night and time in between classes to clean and get used to the social distancing mandates that are still in place.  The gym looks different.  Equipment and mats have been moved to make room for athletes to wait for equipment and tumbling.  The lobby is bare to make way for a holding zone before kids come into the gym and to eliminate surfaces for touching and sharing germs.  Classes are all 1 hour each so we can manage the flow of athletes in one door, and out a different door to help with social distancing.  However, what has not changed?  That we will still be providing excellent tumbling and trampoline classes to this community like we have for the past 11 years!!!!  We are re-building our program. Starting from zero which is hard for any business to do but we have done it before and we will do it again. 

So when you are ready, we'd love for you to come back for classes.  If you aren't ready?  That's ok too.  We all have been through a lot these past 10 weeks as a community- and as a country so we get it.  Take your time and we'll be here when you are ready.  God Bless.

- Guy & Lisa Merker

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