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We are here to compliment your cheer program for those cheerleaders who can't get enough of cheer or want to experience all-star cheer or push themselves further in the sport they love. 


Welcome to DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling! 

​Winter is here and our classes will e filling to maximum capacity as the recreational cheer season comes to an end and more kids are looking to get their tumbling for next season.  Remember you can probate into a class at anytime.  Once you are in class, no need to re-register as you will always be in your class until you drop.  

For the month of December and January, we will be closed Monday December 24 - January 1st.  No need to schedule make ups for this week as these gym closings have already been figured into your monthly tuition!  

DCA 2019 Short Season Teams- Cheer & Power Tumbling

Too busy this fall to think about competitive cheer or power tumbling?  Well we have short season teams that might fit your needs and schedule.  Check out the prelim info below and give us a call for more details!

DCA Cheer Teams 2019:   Click here for prelim info on costs, important dates, commitment, etc. Call to set up an evaluation or if you have any questions.  Tryouts start Monday December 10th.

DCA Power Tumbling Team 2019:  Try competing on trampoline, double mini trampoline and floor for a shortened competitive season.  Call with any questions or to try a team practice.




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Do you love to flip, twist, jump, bounce and tumble? Consider joining our competitive tumbling and trampoline team.