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We are here to compliment your cheer program for those cheerleaders who can't get enough of cheer or want to experience all-star cheer or push themselves further in the sport they love.


100% Of Our Resources Are Dedicated To Helping You Become The Best Tumbler, Trampolinist Or Cheerleader You Can Be.

Do you love to flip, twist, jump, bounce and tumble? Consider joining our competitive tumbling and trampoline team.



DCA is hosting our first tumbling and trampoline meet on Saturday, February 11 from 8am - 7pm.  It's called The World Series of T &T and is at the DuPage County Fairgrounds at 2015 N. Manchester Road in Wheaton.  Come see some amazing athletes compete in DuPage county for the first time on rod floor, double mini trampoline and trampoline.  Over 800 athletes coming from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin.  $5/adults, $4/kids and seniors and kids 3 and under Free.

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If you want to learn to jump, flip, twist and bounce in a safe and clean environment, then this is the place for you. Classes at DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling are taught by professional instructors who are passionate about working with kids of all ages and want to see you reach your tumbling and trampoline potential. Whether you want to learn tumbling skills for your cheer team, you want to compete on our tumbling and trampoline team or just want to learn to bounce and flip for the fun of it, we have a program for you. Because we teach all our classes with power tumbling as the backbone of our curriculum, we spend the entire class working on the skills that your child is excited to learn. Come experience the difference in approach and results at DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling.

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