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Classes at DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling are taught by professional instructors who are passionate about working with kids of all ages. The owners of DuPage Cheer and Power Tumbling are a local family with children of their own and treat this business as an extension of their family. We treat parents and students the way we would want to be treated.

Power Tumbling is the backbone of our school and curriculum of all of our after school tumbling and trampoline classes. Our professional staff of 12+ coaches focus on the type of skills and styles necessary in cheer and power tumbling, which is different than that taught in a typical artistic gymnastics school or gym.

We teach a streamlined approach every day at almost every hour to hundreds of students. The reason we have been so successful over the past 11 years is that we spend the entire class working on the skills that your child is excited to work on.  Our progression of skills taught works and the only silver bullet to obtaining these tumbling skills- is time in the gym!  Going upside down and backwards is something you need to build strength and endurance to do and that comes with tumbling year round, not taking time off and coming multiple times a week.

About Us

In addition to our classes that are offered 6 days a week, we also offer competitive teams for both cheer (all-star) and power tumbling and trampoline.  Our equipment is top notch and we are diligent about updating trampoline beds, springs on our spring floor, buying new mats and making sure the gym is structured for maximum athlete usage!  Our fully heated/air-conditioned gym has 2 full competition-sized spring floors (one which is facing full-floor length mirrors!), 100 feet of Tumbletrak, two full length foot rod floors that dismount into a landing pads, 4 trampolines (one above ground, 3 in ground), 3 Double Mini Trampolines, an air bag for learning dismounting skills off of tramp and DM, along with lots of other mats and resi blocks to aid in mastering tumbling and trampoline skills of all levels.

Your student athlete will always be visible from our air conditioned lobby where parents and siblings are welcome to stay and watch, or can sit and work/play on electronics while using our free Wi-Fi.

We keep a low ratio of student to coach (never more than 8:1) for more one on one attention and repetitions to learn the skills. This also allows the student to watch their peers, listen to what the coach is telling them so they can learn from watching which is so vital in this sport.  We take the time to warm up properly with coach-lead stretches and go through the drills that help cement the muscle memory to lock in the proper technique when doing each skill. Every level tumbler-from our Little Tumblers to our high school tumblers all do things like cartwheel drills, power round off drills and jump backs at every class to ensure proper technique before jumping into more advanced skills like learning the back handspring, working multiple handsprings to tucks, layouts and twisting.

We are happy to have you tumble here no matter what your motivation.  Whether you are a recreational or high school cheerleader wanting to learn skills to put into your cheer routines or a high level tumbler or cheerleader looking to be on one of our competitive teams, DCA is THE premier gym for all that flips, twists and tumbles.  Come see why over 600 students a week choose DCA as their tumbling home. 


26W251 St. Charles Road, Carol Stream, IL 60188