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DCA Full Season Cheer Evaluations Happening NOW! Call for a 1:1 evaluation today. Then plan to come to last call try outs on April 26th 4-6pm. No fee to try out. Ages 5-18 welcome. Call for more information. 630-588-9000.

Register for Classes NOW! Spring session runs March 24-May 31. Prorate into a class anytime! School Year Schedule Click HERE

Open Work Outs (Better Than Open Gyms!) Every Friday 7:30 - 9pm.(no open gym on April 18th) Ages 6+. $10/person. Waiver must be on file. Go to FORMS to print waiver.

DCA Mini May Boot Camp for 4th, 5th, 6th grade girls looking to increase their skills before their recreational cheer season begins this summer. Call for more details. Starts May 3rd.

Power Tumbling

Open Enrollment! Call Now to Jump Into a Class:  630-588-9000



What is Power Tumbling?

Power tumbling consists of high energy tumbling passes where each progressive skill performed is faster than the previous skill. A Power tumbler gains speed as he/she tumbles down the rod floor flipping and twisting but has to stick the landing at the end of the pass for maximum points. Power Tumbling is fun, addictive and the average tumbler commits to 2-4 hours in the gym leaving lots of time for other sports, homework, family time, etc. In the world of recreational, high school and all-star cheer, power tumbling is a great compliment to cheerleading as the power tumblers are usually the best, most confident tumblers on the cheer floor. Power Tumbling is also a great alternative for a gymnast that is no longer interested in competing on bars, beam and vault, but is only interested in competing tumbling, trampoline or our newest event here at DCA the double mini. At the highest level, Power Tumblers compete at world championships, while trampoline competes at the Olympics. Tumbling is done on the rod floor which is made of fiberglass rods covered by 2 rolls of foam and is super bouncy and tumbler does between 3-8 skills per pass. Trampoline can compete at all levels from beginner to elite and is great at trampoline increases air awareness and makes better tumblers. The double mini is our newest piece of equipment and athlete does one skill set onto surface and one skill set off and lands on mat. In two seasons we have competed 57 athletes, qualifying 38 to national championships and have had 6 state champions and 2 national champions and our boys trampoline team took 3rd place at Nationals in 2012.


What skills do I need to Join Power Tumbling?

DCA's Power Tumbling & Trampoline Team has a spot for everyone interested in learning and competing skills from back handsprings to double twisting layouts and more! If someone is interested in being on the power tumbling team, we'll place you at your level for competition for tumbling, trampoline or double mini (or all 3!) but will continue to work with athlete to advance their skills for all events.