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2021-2022 Season!!!!!  We still have a few spots left on our team for those interested in competitive tumbling and trampoline.  If you are interested, please reach out before September 30 and we can set up a trial for you.  Team is for boys and girls 1st grade through high school and for all abilities.  T&T team is flexible and is a great sport to compliment other sports.  Lots of our athletes do T&T and another school sports as T&T is competitive but also allows for athletes to do other sports and activities and not taking over your life.  If you are interested in joining team, here's what you can do:

1. If you are not currently a member/taking classes, please go to the parent portal and fill out the parent and student information and sign the waiver

2. If you are taking classes, ask your coach to evaluate you for T&T team and they can do a quick assessment of what level team practice you can try. If you are not currently taking classes, call the gym and we can assess over the phone and again find the team practice time that fits for the team trial for your athlete.

3. Call the office and we can schedule a team practice/try out for you during the summer.

4. After you do a team trial, you can pick up the team packet and look over the information for the 2021-2022 season.  If you decide to join team, there is a commitment form at the back of the packet that you can fill out and turn in with your annual team registration and membership fee.  You will then be told which days are your practice days (depends on level) and these summer practices start June 1st.  You will also be briefed on setting up communications for team, uniform fitting and other important information for starting team.  There will be a full team parent meeting in September once we have the competition schedule.

Here are some commonly asked questions and basic information about our T&T team!
What isT&T?
T&T is short for "tumbling and trampoline" and is a competitive sport for males and females governed by both the United States Tumbling & Trampoline Association (USTA) as well as the USA Gymnastics (USAG).  T&T is called "trampoline gymnastics"  internationally and is just one of the branches of the sport.  Although you may only be familiar with artistic gymnastics as this is what is broadcasted on television, gymnastics encompasses T&T gymnastics, acro gymnastics, and rhythmic gymnastics.  T&T has four events (the BEST four events in our book ;-): 

Tumbling - which consists of high energy tumbling passes where each progressive skill performed is faster than the previous skill. A power tumbler gains speed as he/she tumbles down the rod floor flipping and twisting but has to stick the landing at the end of the pass for maximum points. DCA competes floor levels starting with round off 2 back handsprings through Elite passes consisting of whips to double flips. 

Trampoline - trampoline routines from beginner to Elite consist of 10 skills performed in a row with precision and strength and height.  A trampolinist must perform these 10 skills and stick the landing acquiring the appropriate amount of difficulty for that level while keeping form and kick outs.  Beginner routines start with tucks, straddles and half turns while Elite passes include double somis in almost every bounce! Trampoline increases air awareness and makes for better tumblers and is currently the only TNT event that is competed in the Olympics. 

Double Mini Trampoline- is an event where the athlete runs at the double mini from about 50 feet, does one skill set onto surface of trampoline and one skill off and lands on the landing mat.  The skills range from beginners doing tuck tuck or straddle straddle to again Elite level performing double somi mounter skill on and a double to triple somi dismount skill. 

Synchronized Trampoline - in the USTA synchronized trampoline is only done at Nationals but it is a fun and addictive event where two trampolinists perform the exact same routine on two different trampoline beds in synch.  The athletes are judged on the difficulty of their routine, the execution of their routine and their ability to stay synchronized. 

T&T is fun, addictive and the average team member commits to 4-12 hours in the gym leaving lots of time for other sports, homework, family time, etc. In the world of recreational, high school and all-star cheer, T&T is a great compliment to cheerleading as the athletes are usually the best, most confident tumblers on the cheer floor. T&T is also a great alternative for a gymnast that is no longer interested in competing on bars, beam and vault, but is only interested in competing tumbling and learning to do trampoline and double mini.

At the highest level, T&T athletes compete at world championships, while trampoline competes at the Olympics. ​

What skills do I need to Join DCA's TNT Competitive?
DCA's TNT Team has a spot for everyone interested in learning and competing skills from back handsprings to double twisting layouts and more! If someone is interested in being on the power tumbling team, we'll place you at your level for competition for tumbling, trampoline or double mini (or all 3!) but will continue to work with athlete to advance their skills for all events.  At the most basic level, we like to see athletes with a solid round off to a rebound on floor, an understanding of two-foot jumps on a trampoline surface and the ability to take direction from a coach and a willingness to learn.

What is the typical practice and competition schedule for team?
Our team kids are in the gym 2-5 times a week with 2--3 hour practices per day (depending on level) covering all three events:  double mini trampoline, trampoline and rod floor tumbling.  During the summer we practice during the 12-4:30pm time Monday - Thursday with morning practices on Fridays.  During the school year, practice expands out to Monday - Friday 4pm - 9pm (younger athletes taking the earlier 4-6pm practice slots on weekdays and the junior high - high school athletes taking the 6-8:30pm practices) and 3rd grade- HS athletes coming in on Saturday mornings as well.  Coaches work very hard to come up with proper drills and curriculum for each athlete to best accommodate their skill level and their competition goals so even though this is a team- it is very much individualized training for each athlete on our team. 

Competition schedule will come out in September and each level will have set meets they will be required to attend at the local level (within 2-4 hours from the Chicago suburbs). We always add a fun but competitive travel competition that is optional but a great opportunity to get in front of new judges, compete against athletes from across the country and bond with your teammates.  All DCA athletes compete at USTA state meet in April and we encourage everyone who makes it to Nationals, to attend.  In 2021 we are going to Rochester, MN for Nationals in June and in 2022 we are headed to Lakeland, FL which is outside of Tampa!  The higher level athletes will have the opportunity to compete with USAG which requires more meets and a different set of state and National meets but USAG is the only way to compete internationally .

Team is fun, but a lot of work and we welcome all hard working and dedicated athletes who are interested in the sport of tumbling and trampoline.  

If you have any questions, please call us at 630-588-9000 or email at coach@dupagetumbling.com 

T&T Team:  Competitive Team for Tumbling & Trampoline 


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Congratulations to DCA's, Finley Merker who made Team USA - Junior Women's Elite Double Mini at USA Gymnastics Championships in St.Louis in June. Check out her bio on USAG Site: