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​​Class Descriptions & Explanations for Our Tumbling & Trampoline Classes:

Little Tumbler Program - Ages 18 months - 6 years old

Even our littlest friends can take tumbling and trampoline classes and learn to do skills like cartwheels, handstands, back handsprings, and skills on the trampoline and double-mini trampoline in our Little Tumblers program at DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling. Boys and girls are in the same class and our Little Tumbler program has low coach:student ratios lending to more one on one instruction to develop strength, coordination, tumbling and trampoline skills, and of course a love for tumbling and trampoline in a safe and fun environment.  For ages 18 months - 3 years old parents come into class with their little ones until they can handle being in class on their own.  Once they turn 3, we can put them in the 3-4 year old class.

Classes are offered during the daytime hours where everyone in the gym is just their size so they can focus and learn in a comfortable and safe environment.  However, we also have evening and Saturday classes for those Little Tumblers that are in school full day.  Check out the school year schedule for days and times. Grab a friend and make the class double the fun!  Don't see a class that works for you?  Give us a call and we may be able to create a class that fits your needs.​ 

Parent Tot - 18 mo - 3 years old

Parent-tot classes have mom or dad come into class with our little tumbler to help them focus and stay safe as they learn to use follow directions, take turns, watch and listen and then of course learn to use their bodies to learn new tumbling and trampoline skills.  

Mighty Tumblers - 3- 4 year olds & Kinder Tumblers - 5-6 year olds

We divide these classes by age but every age group will work both floor and trampoline skills working on mastering handstands, cartwheels and round offs, the start of back handsprings, learning trampoline skills like tucks, straddle, pike jumps, seat drops, and will learn to get across the double mini trampoline in 2 jumps!  

Super Tumblers Program- 4- 6 year olds

For our little tumblers who can handle a more advanced curriculum, we have our 2x a week Super Tumbler program where students will work on trampoline routines connecting 10 skills, body positions for dismounts from double-mini, and advance the student's tumbling skills including intense work on connecting the round off to the back handspring.  By invite only.  Interested?  Call for an evaluation.

CHEER STARS- 4-8 year olds

5...6...7...8....let's learn cheer motions, dance, jumps, stunts and cheers!!! Students will learn the basics of cheer motions, dance, jumps, stunts, tumbling and cheers.  Great for the beginner interested in cheer.  A great addition to your weekly tumbling class.  So much fun. Don't miss out.  Classes offered during the daytime for our preschool and kindergarten friends and evening classes are offered for our school-aged friends.

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Tumbling & Trampoline Classes

Trampoline Classes: Boys & Girls - 1st - 8th 
Intro to Trampoline- 1st - 8th (boys and girls)
A class dedicated to all that is trampoline!  Learn skills on double mini trampoline, regular trampoline, single mini and tumble trak.  Anything that bounces- we will be on it!  This is a great complement to any of our tumbling classes as trampoline skills build strength, coordination, flexibility and confidence which can be applied to the tumbling skills you are learning.  Remember, 2nd class per week is 50% off through October and then 25% off November - May!

TNT Class- 1st - High School (boys and girls)
For those students not ready for power tumbling team but love working skills on trampoline, double-mini trampoline and rod floor.  This class focuses on all three events like we do in power tumbling team with equal time on floor learning tumbling skills, and then trampoline and double mini trampoline skills.  Girls and boys combined in these classes and we will group by age when possible.  

Jr. High/High School Tumbling

Jr. High/High School Tumbling Class- 1.5 hours

Hard core tumbling and conditioning classes for the junior high and high school students (boys and girls) wanting to keep up their tumbling skills, improve and condition to keep in shape during the cheer season and then again in the off season.  All levels of tumbling will be offered and we keep a low coach to student ratio (8:1).  These classes are better than private lessons as you have time in-between passes to watch others, use the other stations and equipment there for you to do repetitions to aid in muscle memory and confidence building.  Each class is grouped by ability when applicable so everyone can work on the skills they need most.  6th graders can choose to either tumble with the older kids in this class or stay with the younger kids in the intermediate/advanced class- whatever they are comfortable with in during this transitional year. 

Full & Double Full Tumbling Class - 1.5 hours.  See above for description

High School Tumbling Pass( School Year):

For our high school students who cheer for their high school, we know scheduling a set tumbling day can be tough with all your cheer commitments.  But your coach still wants you to keep tumbling, right?  So we are offering our high school cheerleaders the option to take classes with a flexible schedule when needed.  Sign up for the day that you think you can make most often and then if you need to do miss for a cheer-related reason, give us a call and we will schedule you in another lass (space permitting).  And since we are moving to a continuous enrollment, monthly billing program, if you need to switch your permanent day to better accommodate your schedule, we candy that at the start of each month if needed (again, space permitting).  This way you can keep tumbling through your cheer season which we know is important to keep up those desired skills AND not feel it is a waste of money when you have to miss your class.  We've got your back!

High School Squad Classes
We offer many different classes and programs to get you tumbling, keep you tumbling and get you to the next level tumbling. Coaches, take advantage of our group classes so your high school can come in and tumble together during the summer - competitive season. We'll design a class around your schedule to meet your needs while providing excellent coaching staff so your athletes can tumble in a safe and fun environment with coaches that truly care about each cheerleader that walks out on the floor. 

Tumbling Classes:  Girls 1st gr - 6th gr
For girls looking to learn cheer tumbling for their recreational team or just love to tumble, we offer 3-4 classes for the 1st - 6th graders per day! We divide our classes into age and ability so everyone gets the work out they need.

Intro to Tumbling Class - 1 hour

A great place to start for new students to tumbling.  Students will be working on building strength and skills for handstands, cartwheels, round offs and lots of standing back handsprings.  Once a student has a great cartwheel, awesome round off with a jump back, they will be ready to move up.  Coaches come out between each Intro class to discuss progress with parents so you are kept up to date on when your child is ready to move up.  

 Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling Class - 1.5 hour

Once your amazing athlete has mastered their Intro skills, they will move up into the Intermediate/advanced class where they will continue to build their strength through handstands, cartwheels, round offs but also work on connecting the running round off to the back handspring.  Eventually working on several back handsprings in a row and back tucks.

If you are new to our program and are unsure where your athlete falls skill-wise, we are happy to offer a free evaluation where we can invite student in and see where their skills are at so we can place them in the class that is best suited for them. Just give the office a call to speak with someone at the front desk for more information or more details on the class structure or description of skills.

Advanced Tumbling Class- 1.5 hour class

For the athlete who LOVES tumbling and wants to gain skills fast.  This class takes the experienced tumbler and pushes their skills even further.  Must have a min. of 2 back handsprings to enter class as students are working on connecting multiple back handsprings to layouts and learning to twist for full twisting layouts.

Advanced PLUS Class:  Full & Double Fulls - 1.5 hour class

​The ultimate cheer tumbling skill- the full twisting layout.  If your goal is to learn a full or a double full on floor, than this is the class for you.  Class will work through drills for learning how to twist and ultimately, athletes will learn the full and then double full and be on their way to becoming a confident advanced tumbler.  Requirement for class:  two back handsprings to a layout.  (This class is for any age so HS students, you are welcome even though this is listed under the 1st - 6th grade section).  

Home School Tumbling and Trampoline Classes
Our Home School Tumbling & Trampoline Program is a great way for our home schooled friends to get into the gym and tumble during a time that is created just for them. This allows families with kids spanning a wide variety of ages to come at the same time and still receive great training. We run our class with structured stretching and warm up time, instruction on skills, and then open up equipment so students can practice stills they have been working on... and all with our great coaches who can train and spot as needed. Use as part of your physical education requirement for school or as a reward for a week of school work or just a fun time to burn off some steam!

For ages 2 (parents part of class with 2 year olds) through high school aged students and open to boys and girls. We have 3 trampolines, 60-foot tumble track, 100 ft rod floor, 3 double mini trampoline, rock climbing wall and best of all-coaches who love working with athletes of all ages and abilities! This program runs throughout school year and stops in summer so students can join our regular summer flexpass for continued summer tumbling.