Registration for Summer Camps 2018- Starting March 15th

We are gearing up for summer 2018 with our summer camps and clinics dates being released NOW! Check out our camp options and take advantage of all the discounts (summer flexpass, sibling, multi-week )

Grab some friends and sign up for camp.  Did we mention snow cones after every day of camp????


And stay tuned for summer flexpass info for structured, yet flexible tumbling all summer long.  Check back soon!

School Year

The 2017-2018 school year schedule is here and we have some exciting news!  Instead of trying to remember session dates and worrying if you could lose your spot in class, we have made it easier for you and gone to continuous enrollment, monthly billing.  So many of our customers have asked us to do this and we listened.  We are here to please you and this is going to be so easy!  Most of your bills at home are monthly so we agree- let's do it monthly!  

Continuous enrollment is more inline with our philosophy that year round consistent training makes for better progress.  By doing this we are able to provide the opportunity for smaller monthly payments, eliminate the hassle of reregistering every 10 weeks and ensure your child never looses their class spot.


* Check out our class schedule and call or email us to register

* We will help you find the class that best fits your child's needs (age group, skill level, goals, etc.)

* Everyone coming into the school year  2017-2018 will need to fill out a new waiver.  EVEN IF YOU WERE HERE OVER THIS PAST SUMMER, A NEW WAIVER IS REQUIRED EACH SCHOOL YEAR.  You can fill out the waiver online or print a hard copy and bring in with you (paper copies available at the front desk as well).  

* The first time you register, you will pay the prorated cost of that month and after that, your card will be billed monthly with payment due on the 25th of the prior month (i.e. October's tuition is due September 25th).  EXCEPTION:  AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER GET BILLED TOGETHER.

* once you are registered, you will continue in the class. It's that easy.  No re-registering, no wondering if your child has a spot in class.

* your child will constantly be evaluated to ensure they are in the proper class and if your child is ready to move up, we will let you know.

*every family is required to have a debit/credit card on file but you have the option to pay with cash or check prior to the 25th of the month

* There is no contract.  Wish to drop a class?  Just send in a note (email is preferred with the subject line "drop class") by the 15th of the prior month letting us know you wish to drop the class.  Failure to give us written notice by the 15th, you will be charged and therefore, enrolled in the upcoming month.

* tuition is budgeted on a 48 week year allowing for holidays and time off for families as well as our coaching staff.  You do not get charged more for longer months nor do you get charged less for shorter months.  Over a year, all 12 months average 4 classes/month (or minimum 48 classes per year).

* Annual membership fee is due every August/(re) entry into program.  $30/student or $50/family.  Membership pays into insurance as well as gets you membership rates on camps, clinics and open gyms.


* 1 make up per month, per class allowed and must be scheduled

* we will still be flexible and try to keep up with your schedules by allowing you to switch class days when needed.  If you find you need to find another day that better fits your schedule, give us a call and we will do what we can for you.

* clean shoes, trampoline shoes socks or grippy socks are required for tumbling and trampoline classes (please walk in with different shoes and change once in lobby).  Socks or trampoline shoes must be worn on all trampoline surfaces- no bare feet.

* Dress code for classes:  leotards, tight fitting tshirts/tank tops, shorts with no buttons, snaps or zippers.  Midriff must be covered.  Boys must wear shirts.  No jewelry.  Hair up out of face.

* Please bring your own water bottles. We do not have a water fountain in building. We do sell water for $1/bottle.

* Feel free to talk with coaches regarding progress of your child's tumbling and trampoline skills.  We are happy to set up meetings in person or over the phone wither child's coach.

* No refunds.  Credit may be given for prolonged injuries with a signed doctor's note.

* $20 charge for all NSF checks or declined credit/debit cards

* sibling discounts available; 20% off lowest priced class

* FOR MONTHS OF AUGUST, SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER- 50% off of 2nd class (same student); Other months 25% off 2nd class.

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