DCA stands for DuPage Competitive All-stars which is the competitive team branch of DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling for both our cheer and tumbling and trampoline teams.  We have several all-star cheer teams that run December - April (after IRCA state), a special needs cheer team that runs year round, and our high school team that runs February - April (after IHSA state).  Our teams do not compete or conflict with your recreational or high school team.  We are here to compliment your cheer program. We are here for the cheerleader who can't get enough of cheer or wants to experience all-star cheer or push themselves further in the sport they love. We also have a power tumbling and trampoline team that competes in four events:  rod floor, double mini-trampoline, trampoline and synchronized trampoline.  Our power tumbling team is a year round program but we usually add athletes to the team May - September and then our competitive season runs November - April with Nationals in June.  

Many people in the community refer to the gym as "DCA" and this has become our nickname but the team aspect of DCA is different than the majority of what we do here at DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling which teaches kids how to tumble!



DCA has a special needs team called BLITZ and they are awesome. This team has been running since 2012 and many of the original girls still on the team today! We meet Saturday afternoons during the school year. Times vary each school year so please call and you can come watch or participate in a practice to see if this is something your child is interested in doing. Athletes learn cheer moves, dances, a special DCA cheer and participate in around 3-4 competitions/performances each year. The only cost to participate in BLITZ is a uniform fee which we try very hard to keep reasonable but still match our other cheer program's uniforms. We work with every ability and everyone is welcome on the team. BLITZ is part of our cheer family and participates in all our lock ins, parties, and events. Interested in finding out more about our special needs team or know someone who would LOVE to be part of this team? Give us a call. 630-588-9000.  

(Here BLITZ is with Tracy Butler of ABC News when we helped celebrate the PAY IT FORWARD campaign at the Northern Illinois Food Bank.)

26W251 St. Charles Road, Carol Stream, IL 60188

Power Tumbling & Trampoline Team

What is Power Tumbling?
Power tumbling consists of high energy tumbling passes where each progressive skill performed is faster than the previous skill. A Power tumbler gains speed as he/she tumbles down the rod floor flipping and twisting but has to stick the landing at the end of the pass for maximum points. Power Tumbling is fun, addictive and the average tumbler commits to 4-6 hours in the gym leaving lots of time for other sports, homework, family time, etc. In the world of recreational, high school and all-star cheer, power tumbling is a great compliment to cheerleading as the power tumblers are usually the best, most confident tumblers on the cheer floor. Power Tumbling is also a great alternative for a gymnast that is no longer interested in competing on bars, beam and vault, but is only interested in competing tumbling, trampoline or double mini.

At the highest level, Power Tumblers compete at world championships, while trampoline competes at the Olympics. Tumbling is done on the rod floor which is made of fiberglass rods covered by 2 rolls of foam and is super bouncy and tumbler does between 3-8 skills per pass. Trampoline can compete at all levels from beginner to elite and is great at trampoline increases air awareness and makes better tumblers. The double mini is our newest piece of equipment and athlete does one skill set onto surface and one skill set off and lands on mat.

What skills do I need to Join Power Tumbling?
DCA's Power Tumbling & Trampoline Team has a spot for everyone interested in learning and competing skills from back handsprings to double twisting layouts and more! If someone is interested in being on the power tumbling team, we'll place you at your level for competition for tumbling, trampoline or double mini (or all 3!) but will continue to work with athlete to advance their skills for all events.

What is the typical practice and competition schedule for team?

Most of our team kids are in the gym between 2-5 times a week with 2 hour practices per day covering all three events:  double mini trampoline, trampoline and rod floor.  Coaches work very hard to come up with proper drills and curriculum for each athlete to best accommodate their skill level and their competition goals.  Team is fun, but a lot of work and we welcome all hard working and dedicated athletes who are interested in the sport of tumbling and trampoline.  As far as competitions, our athletes are required to compete at our in-house competition, 3 local Illinois competitions and then USTA state meet in April.  We highly encourage all our team athletes to compete at as many competitions as they can in addition to the mandated 4 + state and if they make it to nationals, we encourage all to attend as it is an amazing experience and not everyone gets a chance to go to nationals.  Team practices year round including summer. 

DCA Teams

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Updated cheer season info now available! (as of October 8th) Try outs:  December 10th and 11th.  More information on tryout process later in fall.  Check back soon or call us.  

DCA's Cheer Program

Welcome to DCA's Cheer program!  Kids and parents alike love our cheer program because of our professional staff, our safe equipment and our "well rounded child approach" to the sports at our gym.  The athletes get to compete at the All Star level of cheer without the 52-week commitment, and get to be part of something bigger than themselves, work hard and have fun!  

No Conflict with Other Teams or Sports

We have many very high level athletes that also compete in travel soccer, softball, swimming, lacrosse, volleyball, cross country, track and basketball.  Our "well rounded child approach" provides some assurance that the child will be focused, but not burn out before they get to high school.  We 100% support our athletes competing with their local recreational and high school cheer teams and our teams do not conflict with these seasons.  This means you can do, for example, your Eagles team in the fall, compete at state with them in early December and then compete for DCA after IRCA state.  The skills you gain with us, you can transfer to your recreational or high school teams.

How Do We Get Evaluated and Registered for DCA Cheer?
Your child can be evaluated anytime during this summer and fall.  Coaches will be looking at tumbling, jumps and motions during the individual evaluations with an emphasis on a great attitude and readiness to be part of something big!  After evaluations, you may choose to register for the DCA cheer program by committing early on and have the option to start making payments to lessen the financial burden come December when the first large payment is due, as well as participate in fundraising efforts.  

Team Placements & Try Outs
Our team placements will be the first week AFTER IRCA STATE in December, usually the first or second week. Times will be released closer to December along with more details on team announcements, parent meeting dates and uniform fitting dates.  Check back with us on our website and Facebook as we get closer to final try out dates in December.

Practices & Competitions

We will have a better idea of individual team practice times in the fall, but from the past we can tell you that teams will have choreography in early December (after IRCA) and then meet 2-3x a week for team practices and then will have a flexible tumbling day as well. Plan on a Saturday practice for one of your days and then one-two other weeknights depending on what team and level you make.  Practices are typically 2-2.5 hours each and tumbling is 1.5 hours/day.